Monday, April 18, 2011

Advertising Agency

Back in the late 90s when the internet just start to catch up, many people still debate whether a web site can depend on advertising as its main source of income. Back then, many web sites are subscription based, and many people think a web site that generates its income through advertising only does not have a sustainable business model.

Nowadays, advertising is the main source of income for most internet companies. Google builds its billions dollars empire depends solely on advertising income. Advertising on Internet has grown so much that it is threatening traditional media, such as newspaper.

With this new normal, it is important for business to hire an advertising agency that focus on advertising on Internet. Today, I come across a site called, "That! Leading advertising agency" is one of such agency. That! is an advertising agency that combine the old and new advertising media to create an effective advertising campaign. That! Leading advertising agency is mainly focused on the Internet, but it combines with traditional media such as, television, radio, prints and newspapers to help its clients to create a successful advertising campaign.

That! Leading advertising agency has build a team of highly skilled advertising specialist that focus on numerous different industries. That! Leading advertising agency also has its proprietary software to track the result of its client advertising campaign. By getting the result instantaneously, That! Leading advertising agency can adjusted its strategy very easily. If a campaign does not, That! Leading advertising agency will reassess its strategy based on live feedback.

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