Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top 10 signs of blog addiction

My sister recently got a new job . I immediately left a comment on her blog to congratulate her. Then she calls me on the phone and ask, "Why don't you just call me ?"

This rings a bell on my head. I may become a blog addict!

Here are the top 10 signs that you maybe a blog addict:

1. You find the cure for cancer, and you immediately write a blog about it.

2. You check your blog status every 15 minutes.

3. You forgot to pay your credit card bill, but you know how much you have in your Adsense account.

4. When CNN asks you who is the greatest American President, you reply, "Darren Rowse".

5. You pray to God that your Technorati rank will rise next week.

6. You ask your friends to join the Z-list, when they don't even have a blog.

7. You develop your own blog ranking algorithm based on Technorati, Alexa and Google Page rank.

8. All of your bookmarks are blogs, and you can remember at least 10 blog URLs by heart.

9. You think giving back to your community means replying your messages in your MyBlogLog community.

10. You understand all the jargons in this list, and you immediately create your own list and post it in your blog!


matt608 said...

LOLOLOL that post is really funny!!!

and is freakily true!! I am becoming a blog addict too :D.

WIth any luck you might get a link from problogger for that, I think you deserve it!


Johnny Cash said...

Thanks Matt! I will write a review on your blog if this ever happens!

crazyhamster said...

Oh man. I think I am addicted. Oh well I don't have a credit card, at least i dun score 10 out of 10. :)

Shirlene said...

Hey that's great - I think I might be getting there...


Johnny Cash said...


Remmber to pay your bill on time when you got your credit card!


Your sites has lots of useful information. You must spend a lot of time researching your topic!

Bes Z said...

Ooops! I read this on Kumiko's site and I should have read it slower; the first lines were from this list and the 2nd lines were her reactions/comments! I thought it was her list and commented there as if she had written everything originally. My bad.

Good list!

Johnny Cash said...


Glad you like the list.


drt said...

It was Akismet that hold you in the pit. I'm glad that I found it. Funny. Fortunately I'd be out of town tomorrow so I don't need to worry about Technorati rank for a while. :-)

ilker said...

This is a very creative post! I was amazed to read it in Kumiko's blog.. Cheers Johnny!

steve said...

How true are these? :)

Anonymous said...

yes i agree with you guys, its really addictive and its very exciting that you can share thoughts with other people, you can express yourself that everyone can read your heart hehhehe

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