Sunday, February 18, 2007


As mentioned in my last article, "My new Renter", I am looking for other advertising source other than Google Adsense. In less than a day, I found Blogsvertise.

Blogvertise is a site that let bloggers to blog about an advertiser's products, and get paid for it. Before you can work on any assigned jobs, you need to get approved by the site administrator first. After your blog got approved, you can set your minimum payout for each blog request, and Blogvertise will assign jobs to you accordingly. You will get paid about $1 - $5 for each blog post.

To get approval, you need to write a 50 -100 words article on Blogsvertise, and Blogsvertise will notice you once you got approved. I am still waiting for approval from Blogsvertise.


matt608 said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up for blogvertise, I was approved over 3 weeks ago but I have only received 1 offer; which I didn't complete because the site they wanted me to write about looked so rubbish I didn't even want to give it bad publicity!

You may have better luck though.

Also paid posts are usualy bad for developing your readership because bloggers tend to write them 'out of character'.

Let me know how it goes.


Johnny Cash said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comment. I like Blogvertise's idea, but I don't really know how it executes its business plan. It sounds like you have some bad experience with it. I will keep an eye on Blogvertise, and will let you know how it goes.


Fransiska said...

Can you tell me what time to get grab bag task?