Wednesday, February 28, 2007 takes two!

About a month ago, I have a post on On Feburary 27, 2007, has launched its second version.

This version is an obvious attempt to address the biggest issue in the previous version: Unless you clone Ning's pre-built sites, you need to be a good php programmer to build your own social network. But if you are already a good php programmar, you won't even need Ning's service to build your own site, there are many open source php codes that are freely availiable on the web! Thus, Ning is never as popuplar as its creator envisions. On January 20, 2006 TechCrunch even called it a dead application.

This new reincarnation of Ning has a WYSIWYG user interface that let developers to create its own social network through drag and drop. This is the key piece that is missing in its earlier version. This gives non-programmar a chance to build its own social networking site.

What does has to do with making money on the web?

If someone asks you what is the number one way to make money on the web, the answer is clear and simple: Launch your own website! Just check John Chow's post on the Internet's biggest Google whore. All of them own some form of web sites (maybe except ShoeMoney),
and please don't forget YouTube got brought by Google for 1.2 billion dollars!

I think if you are interested in making money on the web through building your own web sites. You can use Ning as your testing ground. If your ning site is a success, you can upgrade to its premium service and launches your own site. The biggest drawback is that you have to pay $20 per month to put your Google Adsense ad on your ning site.

As of today, Ning has nearly 30,000 user built applications. You can find TechCrunch newest review on Ning in here.


Anonymous said...

The new Ning looks like MySpace

Anonymous said...

Your grammar is terrible.

To Be Announced..... said...

I just started a Ning site for anyone involved in the Music Industry.

We plan on fully customizing the features and design. Join now in Alpha...........

Sharkbytes said...

Do Ning members have to blog within Ning? I envision a network of people who have existing blogs on a common topic.

blogcoach said...

so what is the update on Ning as a site for making money besides adsense, how about as membership site with reventue going to an outside cart?