Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OMG! I just cracked the top 5,000 Technorati

"People obsess over getting a high blog rank in Technorati. OMG I just cracked the top 5, 000! It’s like soooooooooooo, your point is? How much ass kissing did you actually have to do to crack the top 5,000? And how much more ass kissing is required to bust the top 1,000? And how extremely much more ass kissing does a person have to do to crack the top 100"

-- from "Just Crap"

Are you just finish reading Kumiko's post, Here's Why People Obsess Over Technorati, and is looking for the blog who post the original message?

This is to illustrate a common trick a lot of bloggers are using. Kumiko didn't have a link to the original post (for obvious reason). So, I bet a lot of her readers are searching for the original post in Google BlogSearch now. If you are one of them and you end up reading this post, you know the trick works :)

Kumiko's blog has a group of followers, but is not a top 1,000 blogs yet. If you can apply the same strategy to some of the high traffic blogs, your blog will get lots of traffic soon.

By the way, the "Johnny Boy" in the original post is John Chow, not me.... ha ha!

Is this link Baiting?


Shirlene said...

That's funny Johnny - because of course, the first thing I did (after reading Kumikos post) was to type "just crap" in Technorati...


Johnny Cash said...


Maybe that's why my evil experiment fails!

Dee said...

I think an easier way to find the original post, and that's what I did, was by looking to who's linking to Kumiko's blog instead of searching Just Crap (cause there's a lot of crap in Technorati).
By looking at who's linking to Kumiko's blog, and sorting by Freshness, I found Just Crap's post right away, it was first link in the list. So maybe you should reconsider what you're linking to.