Wednesday, April 11, 2007


As I promised earlier this week, I will review several sites where your paid rate is determined by your google page rank. Today, I will talk about ReviewMe.

ReviewMe is a marketplace for advertisers to pay bloggers to review their products. It is similar to Blogvertise, but Blogvertise charges a flate rate. ReviewMe lets bloggers to set its own price, but it has an internal ranking system that rank your blog based on Google page ranks, technorati and Alexa's ranking.

The highest paid review I have seen so far is ShoeMoney's review on, which ShoeMoney charges $2,500 for this review. However, according to Baron VC, ReviewMe has a cap rate of $750.

ReviewMe's main competitor is PayPerPost, but unlike PayPerPost, in ReviewMe, the blogger must disclose the post is a paid review, and there is no requirement to write a positive review. ReviewMe is backed by TextLinkAds. (Correction: PayPerPost requires Blogger to disclose that they are being paid for the posts too. Please follow this link to PayPerPost for "Requirments of Note").

I havn't signed up for ReviewMe because my site don't have a page rank yet. I will sign up for ReviewMe once I got a page rank.

Again, you can check your Google Page Rank in here.


akeatpayperpost said...

Hi. Ran across your post, and just wanted to clarify with you that PayPerPost does require full disclosure.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Johnny Cash said...

Thanks. I have posted my correction to the post

MTT said...

You have PR now...Have you signed up? I have PR and signed up, but dont see any star or price etc. after my blog.

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