Monday, April 9, 2007


Text Link Ads
As many bloggers are anxiously awaiting for Google to update its page rank, let me review several advertising sites that accepts only top quality publisher's site in this week.

TextLinkAds is a site that pays publishers on a flat monthly rate per each link sold, which is very different from contextual advertising options such as Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher network. When you sign up as publisher for TextLinkAds, TextLinkAds will use its own algorithm to determine if you would be qualified. The algoritham is based on your site's
page rank, Alexa's ranking and number of pages being indexed by search engine.

Once you are accepted, you can decide on how many link spots you are offering. After that, TextLinkAds will do all the jobs for you. TextLinkAds will even decide how much you charge your advertisers based on its own internal algorithm. When an advertiser decides to buy your link, the ad will automatically show up in your designated spot.

Since TextLinkAds is not contextual advertising, they can be used with Google Adsense without violating Adsense policy.

The biggest drawback is that TextLinkAds will charge 50% of the amount you received.

TextLinkAds has several large publishers, including the Real Estate Jounal -- Wall Street's Journal guide to property.

If you are a new blogger and wonder why so many blogs are talking about "page rank" in the recent weeks, this is one of the reason why. There are many advertising sites, like TextLinkAds which uses Google page rank to determine how much your site can charge its advertisers. Google updates page rank periodically, and it should updates page rank in the next few weeks.

If you want to know your page rank, check here.


Nate said...

Does TLA filter people to your site to purchase links? They gotta do something to earn that 50% commission.

AhBoon said...

I have installed TLS script for 4 months, and only got purchase by them Once. seems they do not like my site :(

Anyway I am running a little contest, appreciate if you could join.

Johnny Cash said...

Yes, they filter out people. They do all the middle man for you, and that's why they charge you such a high rate.