Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I havn't updated my blog for more than a week, but traffic has kept on coming.
Indeed, I have over 300 page impressions during the week. The secret -- MyBlogLog!

MyBlogLog is a social network for blog readers. It let bloggers or readers to create a profile, upload a picture and join community of his favorite blog. Its purpose is to let bloggers to know its readers even if the reader has never leave any comment on the post.

MyBlogLog is launched at May, 2006 and is brought by Yahoo at January 19, 2007 for more than $10 million. Even by the dot-com bubble's standard, MyBlogLog is a tremendous success story!

I think the success of MyBlogLog has a lot of similarity to MySpace. MySpace is launched by Tom Anderson, and is orginally targeted for struggling new artists. The site let artists to post his/her own music, photos, profiles and movies, which gives a lesser known artist a chance to showcase his/her talent. MyBlogLog is like MySpace for bloggers. It is a site for less known bloggers (like me) to get recognized, and provide a place to know other bloggers.

I have added the MyBlogLog avantar on the right side of the blog.

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Mark said...

You are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage by only allowing people with Blogger Accounts to make comments. Part of the advantage of making comments is the the ability to make automtic linkage to ones own blog when filling out the form when leaving a comment. If I don't have a blogger account, all I have to do is leave my email address and website/blog address and bam I've created linkage to my blog.

The way you have it set up, I have to manually code my blog addresses as you see below. Not too many people will bother doing that except for comment spammers. And those aren't the people you want.

Blogging Times @ XY35.COM


Personally I would change your settings to allow anyone to comment and set the option for a verification word to prevent comment spam. If your purpose is to make money you want to open up your blog to as many people as possible.

Instructions on how to change your settings can be found here:

Comments Settings In Bloggers