Wednesday, January 10, 2007


My Adsense has finally started to show some real ads. My site has about 11 page impressions per day. Not bad for a site that barely has any content.

Time to get real.... After some research, I found out that there are four ways to generate revenue on the web.

1. Selling products on the web.

You can use an established auction site, like eBay to make money by selling your products. Sellers can even setup its own store in eBay. There are thousands of books covering different strategies on how to sell in eBay.

If you don't have any products in hand, you can create your own product lines through CafePress. CafePress let you create your own unique T-shirts, cards, or gifts to sell. Jennifer Laycock, an editor of the Search Engine Guide, claimed she is able to use the site to make money in 30 days with zero cash.

2. Join an affiliate program

Another common way to make money on the web is to join an affiliate program. Affiliate program is an arrangement that let affiliate web sites to get a certain percents of commission, based on the number of people that the affiliate sent to the merchant's site. popularized this idea as an Internet marketing strategy, and it still has one of the best affiliate program on the web. (Click here)

3. Advertising

A web site can make money by placing advertisements on the page. Nowadays, many bloggers use Google Adsense to place advertisement on their web sites. Adsense has become a popular method of placing advertisement for bloggers because the ads are less intrusive than most banners, and the content of the ads is often relevant to the website.

4. Subscription based service

Last but not least, you can create a membership web site that charges members for a subscription fee. This has become more and more difficult to do, as most web sites are free. Some web sites offer free service for most users, but charge a fee for premium services.

5. Others.....

There is a site called,, that let you lend money to people who have poor credit rating and charge high interest rate on the loan.

I will formulate a strategy later this week.

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