Monday, May 28, 2007

Improve your blog in one minute!

Like many bloggers, I like to check my stat A LOT! Althought this took me only a minute, this will not help me to improve the quality of my blog.

There is a lot of things you can do in one minute to improve your blog:

  • Leave a comment on a Do-Follow blog
  • Submit your blog to a web directory
  • Submit your blog to a blog directory
  • Start a discussion in a forum where you can include a link to your blog
  • Reply a comment
  • Submit a post to a blog carnival
  • Thanks someone for joinning your myBlogLog community
  • Write down any idea that you want to blog
  • Download a free template to try it on your blog
  • Try out different colors on your template
  • Visit a blog in your category

Don't waste your time. Every minute is important!


Linky Love said...

Yes I am a do Follow Blog at Linky Love and if you want to join a directory, add my LinkyLove button and you are in (HTML can be copy/paste top right on my site).

Wordpress will see your link and I will add you, as easy as that!

sir jorge said...

Time is definitely something worth mentioning. Without time, the blog world just seems too hard to conquer at times.

I liked this list.

Johnny Cash said...


I will take a look and let you know.

Johnny Cash said...

Sir Jorge,

If you like this list, feel free to add more to it!