Thursday, May 24, 2007

Week 2 Earning Report

This is my second earning report. This is what I have earned so far:

Google Adsense -- $18.37 (+$1.61)
Blogvertise -- $17.50 (+$7.5)
Auction Ads -- $ 5.00
MyLot -- $ 0.51 (+0.04)
Selling books on Amazon -- $23.76
CafePress Affiliate -- $4.92 (+$4.92)

Total $ 70.06 (+$14.07)

Alexa's ranking: 292,761 (-4099)

Technorati rank: 126,649 (-1182)

A decent week. The pleasant surprise this week is CafePress, which hasn't brought me any income before.

I earn only $0.04 from myLot this week, but myLot has brought me some traffic, and some new readers.

A surprise hit this week is: Earn up to $100 by praticipate in Google User Experience Research.
This short post has brought me many new readers.

PayPerPost has just approved my account. You should see my first PayPerPost review soon.

Things to do this week:
1. Add more affiliate links to the blog. (e.g. TextLinkAds, PayPerPost)
2. Join Kontera
3. Add Google search and other Google affiliate links to the template

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sir jorge said...

Not bad, not bad at all. I still suggest for the ultimate in weeks...

I like your blog.

Johnny Cash said...

Thanks for your tips. I will take a look at the site.

shawna said...

PayPerPost just approved me too. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Johnny Cash said...


Let us both make money through payperpost!