Saturday, May 26, 2007

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What is Pingo? Pingo is a prepaid calling card provider. It is a virtual International rechargeable phone calling card service that saves you money on your long distance phone calls. It is a service of iBasis, which is a public company that is listed in Nasdaq (NASDAQ: IBAS) iBasis launches Pingo's service in 2004, and has provided customer with prepaid calling card service ever since.

Right now, Pingo is running several campaigns:

1. Free $25 online merchant shopping mall certificate for sign up

According to the company's site, if you sign up Pingo for a minimum of $20, you will receive $5 in free international calling card calls plus a $25 online merchant shopping mall certificate.

2. Father's day special

You get an additional $5 off with this special. For detail, please check this:

Pingo's site is avaliable in several language including Spanish, Chinese, French and Portugese.

For readers of this blog, if you are looking for ways to make money, Pingo has an affiliate program too. You can find it out from:

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