Wednesday, May 16, 2007


*** This is a sponsored review***

MacPokerOnline is a poker site that is dedicated for Mac users. The site contains list of online poker sites, and MacPokerOnline rates each site in the order that they believe it is safest and best fit for the user. There are literally thousands of online poker site on the web, but it is difficult for Mac user to find a site for them. MacPokerOnline is definitely a great resource for Mac user who likes to play poker online.

The site also contains tons of information about different types of poker, like Omha, Chicago, Texas Hold them or Five card stud. The site also taught you strategy to play the different types of poker. Even if you are not a Mac user, you may found some of its articles useful for learning to play poker.

If you like Poker, and you are a Mac user, MacPokerOnline is a site that worth your visit. This may be the best Mac Poker site for you unless Steve Job plans to creat "iPoker".

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