Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update: Bloggerwave's Paypal problem seems to be fixed

I signed up to Bloggerwave about a week ago, and was approved within a day. Bloggerwave is another paid to blog program very similar to PayPerPost.

Recently, there is some talk circulating around the blogosphere that Paypal has reversed several payments from Bloggerwave. Someone has even submitted the story to Digg.com

Top 10 Tech Marketing tips has detailed how Paypal reversed its payment from Bloggerwave in this post.

However, on May 27, the owner of Top 10 Tech Marketing tips posts, "I had verified with PayPal’s resolution center that Bloggerwave’s account was now safely in good standing. Furthermore, PayPal no longer feels that Bloggerwave’s account was utilized in a fraudulent manner".

It seems like things are fine now. I am glad to have another alternative for paid posting.

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