Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dorm Check -- Another paid to post forum

Dorm Check is another paid to post forum. At first glance, the site is very similar to MyLot, but has a lot less posts. This site seems to be targeted toward college students.

It paid about 1 cent per post, and you will get your payment when you reach $10. It used to be paid monthly, but according to some other blogs, it will pay you whenever you hit the $10 limit now. At present, it has less than 15,000 posts, thus, I don't think anyone has received a check yet.

Payments are made through either PayPal or e-Gold.

DormCheck's UI looks more professional than MyLot, but is not as easy to navigate. I still can't find my referral URL in their site. I prefer MyLot's UI over DormCheck because it is more opened.

For bloggers, you can use DormCheck in a similar way as you use MyLot. You can use DormCheck to promote your blog and get paid during the process. You can also use DormCheck to get referrals.

Update: DormCheck has deleted my account. Several bloggers has suffered similar fates. For detail, please check my new post.