Saturday, March 24, 2007

Feel the Link Love

Have you ever do the wave when you are in a stadium? My blog friend, Mike Scott, in the "Bit Bucket" has recently started a "Feel the Link Love" campaign. It is my turn to spread it out!

To Continue this Link Love list:
1. Copy and paste the list below into your blog post. Hopefully your blog editing software will be smart enough to copy the links over. If not, you can always look at the page source to get the HTML.
2. Add any blogs you want to the list, including the blog that listed you (this blog).

That's all there is to it, if the list continues, then everyone should get a bunch of links from other blogs, and everyone will be happy.

The List:
Making Money on the Web
Steve Wilson Marketing
The Thinking Blog
Affiliate Marketing Wave
Your Blogging Guide
The Bit Bucket

My addition:
If Ya want to Make Money
Successful Online Money Making
Kumiko Suzuki's Money Quest


Mike Scott said...

Thanks Johnny!

Mike Perry said...

Good luck with your Link Love, hope it does well for you.

Johnny Cash said...

Mike Scott,

I havn't seen you online for a while. Busy too?

Mike Perry,

Glad to see you leave a comment on my blog. I am a frequent readers of your blog!

Shirlene said...

Thanks Johnny. I would have commented earlier, but haven't been online (which seems to be the story of my life lately)!