Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Technorati problem -- resolved

My prayer has finally be answered! Technorati finally able to find my site. Check this out:

My blog has 62 links from 54 blogs, and is ranked 74,150!

Thanks for the outpouring support from everyone. My post, "My Technorati woe", has 9 comments from 6 different persons. Many of you have given me a lot of suggestion on how I can get Technorati to ping me.

Based on this experience, it seems like the best way to resolve your Technorati's problem is to leave a message to their forum. I logged my complain in here: , and my problem is resolved about a week later.

Mike Scott's blog also got pinged by Technorati. (Click here)

Since Technorati has officially recognized my blog, hence if you got a link from me, it will increase your technorati link count. If you are interested in link exchange, please leave me a comment.


Chris Varvaro said...

Thanks For The Great Information.
Good Luck to You.

Johnny Cash said...

Are you having Technorati's problem too?

Christy Zutautas said...

That's awesome! I haven't had any problems with technorati, your rating is great! Let me know if you want to exchange links and I'll add you to Christy's Coffee Break.

matt said...

JC, glad you got your Technorati issue resolved. We're currently ranked about 2,430. If you're interested in getting a free linkback from us to help your Technorati ranking check our site for the ongoing contest. Really, really easy and few entries, so your odds are good.

- Matt (

Johnny Cash said...


I will leave a comment on your blog!


I will check out your site!

DotMySpot said...

:).. good technorati ranking :)

i wonder how to build huge links from blogs so that the technorati rank is higher

Johnny Cash said...

DotMySpot (Micheal)

You can try John Chow's evil technique to batch ping Technorati!
Just don't get caught!