Sunday, March 11, 2007

Internet Mafia

ShoeMoney and a number of high profile bloggers have got extortion email from someone who threatens to knock down their Adsense account. While the email seems more like a pratical joke or prank, it is quite possible that we will see some real internet crimes against bloggers soon. There are some bloggers who have made good money from their blogs, and it is a matter of time when some criminals want to step in and claim their shares.

If you want to sell your T-shirts on a busy intersection, it is very likely that someone will ask you for "protection racket". I wish that we will never have to worry about organized crime when we are selling T-shirts in CafePress or eBay.


Mike Scott said...

You know, I was thinking today that the internet population is going to grow rapidly, and although a number of scammers and hackers live in the US, the Russian Hackers and Nigerian Scammers are really well known.

So as the percentage of the world grows, you know that the number of bad people and scammers are also going to grow. I think it might get really scary.

Johnny Cash said...

Yes, it is scary